Graphic printed jeans

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Couleur: Noir
Taille: M

Graphic Printed Jeans: Stand Out in Style

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  • Material: COTTON
  • Elasticity: Non Extensible
  • Style: Streetwear and Y2K
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Closure Type: Button Fly

Elevate your streetwear game with our Graphic Printed Jeans. Designed to make a statement, these Y2K-inspired jeans are available in both black and pink, allowing you to express your unique style. Made from durable and comfortable cotton fabric, these jeans are perfect for completing any streetwear ensemble. The standout feature is the cagoule print, adding a trendy and edgy touch to the overall design.

With their non-extensible nature, these jeans ensure a flattering fit that accentuates your silhouette. Whether you prefer the darker tones or the vibrant shades, our Graphic Printed Jeans are the perfect addition to your streetwear wardrobe. Don't hesitate, be bold, and embrace the urban fashion of 2022 with our Graphic Printed Jeans today.